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Smart Homes

Go far with it!

Working From Home

Make your home awesome 

Numerous advantages all in one. ABB smart homes solutions provided by ELT combine all the useful functions of comfortable home automation and are easy to understand as a system. Less effort is needed already during commissioning. This saves valuable working hours.

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Smart features 

Home automation makes daily life easier.

With ABB smart home solutions the entire home

can be controlled as usual with switches, and even

more practical: with the smartphone,

tablet, or computer. Via touch or voice control.

Endless options 

Blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning, and door communication can be operated separately or together:

The blinds can be moved up, the lights in the bathroom and the radio in the kitchen can be switched on with the touch of a button while you are still in bed – or all lights and devices are deactivated via a switch when leaving the house. Very convenient. Extremely comfortable. Very energy efficient. The setting of these scenes is as easy as can be – to suit the mood or situation.

Smart Homes .. make your life comfortable 
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Everything is possible

Unique apps have been developed especially for ABB smart home solutions.

It can be used on smartphones and tablets with conventional operating systems iOS and Android.


No additional software is required. Global access to the ABB home automation system is especially comfortable via the MyBuildings portal. It allows you to control and see the status of your home – no matter where you are in the world.


Free and Flexible

The functions can be fully customized according to your requirements. All settings can be easily changed later via the app. This allows the home automation to be easily adapted to changing living situations or

to the changed use of rooms. The design of the buttons can also be chosen for your preferences.

There is a wide selection of switch design series for ABB smart home solutions and since the sensors have the concept of “one size fits all”, all design series are exchangeable – whenever you feel like it.

Smart Homes Egypt

Heating and cooling


Blind control

Door communication

Scene control





home of the future

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