Smart Home

How would you like to keep your home or office comfortable and save money on your energy bill?

ELT is a leader in promoting energy efficiency within the home environment by providing ways to reduce energy consumption while maximizing comfort.

Use any Omnistat2 thermostat as stand-alone or integrate it with an ELT home control system.Using an ELT Home Control System you can change Omnistat2 thermostat settings based upon events, time, or sensor readings. Moreover, since ELT home control systems provide remote access via both telephone and over the Internet you may access your home at any time and change your thermostat settings.

Heating and Air Conditioning

ELT offers temperature and humidity sensors for temperature based control of attics, garages, greenhouses, basements, or coolers. Water temperature sensors may be used to supervise and manage pool or spa temperatures.



When connected to an ELT building control system, lights and thermostats may be controlled locally, via a Touch screen, the Internet, Smartphone, or a telephone.Your home control system can turn off lights, water heaters and pumps when the house or office is unoccupied. Additionally, you can control ceiling and ventilation fans for comfort and energy efficiency.


Lighting Control

Lighting control enhances the enjoyment and value of your home, adds security for peace of mind, and contributes to savings on your energy bill. ELT offers elegant lighting control while reducing energy consumption.Have your lights automatically turn off when you leave the home


How do you wish to interact with your home control system?

Think of a Leviton controller as the brain of your automated home. It controls and monitors various systems to maximize safety, comfort, convenience, and energy savings. Automate your home to react based on your schedule or any event. A smart home integrates lighting, security, air conditioning, irrigation, rolling shutters, surveillance, garage gates, audio and more systems and makes your home communicate with each other for your convenience.

Touch Screens

The easy-to-use OmniTouch 7e Touch screens allow control of security, temperatures, lighting, audio, entertainment, surveillance video, ventilation, irrigation, and much more.


A Revolutionary Way to Enjoy Audio Throughout Your Home

With Hi-Fi by Leviton, you have the ability to listen to different sources at the same time at different volume levels throughout your home. Or set all zones to the same source and volume.


Keypads, Consoles, & Telephones

All Omni family systems have built-in telephone access and Lumina family systems have an optional telephone access kit. This allows access from phone lines inside or outside of the home.


Protect your loved ones, home and property around the clock…

Our home security system provides the ultimate in safety for your family with features not found in a standard security system such as inside and outside lights turning on in the event of a security alarm, or the air conditioner automatically turning off in the event of a fire to prevent the spreading of smoke throughout the home.
An ELT home control system may be personalized to notify you by the telephone, e-mail, Internet surveillance or by central monitoring of an alarm event. Not only can you call or log in to the internet to check or change the security, temperature, or light settings, the system can call or e-mail you alerts. Have your system call you when your children have arrived home from school or if the alarm has gone off. Also, the system is proven reliable, as back-up battery resources ensure security even during a power loss.